DivaMiranda for English speaking visitors

Good to see you here!

I’d gladly provide you with a gallery, a real calendar and more information about my sessions but alas, the english speaking site was never finished. Blame it on the coder who didn’t do what he was paid for. Caning him until he bleeds doesn’t help in this case. Tough luck.

Anyway, I’ll try to give you some basic information here by answering the most common questions I’m asked.

Who is DivaMiranda?
Dominatrix – I’m a Finnish Pro-Domme, well-known and renowned in the scene in Finland, I might add. And yes, I have experience.
Model – I also model for alternative, fetish and BDSM photos. Feel free to contact me with fees and other information if you wish to hire me for modeling.
Performer – I started sex work by doing striptease. I’ve also performed several times at sex exhibitions and kinky parties.
Writer – I’ve written for several Finnish sex magazines, mainly about kinky sex.

Can I see more photos of you?
Unfortunately they’re only on Finnish speaking site… But if you’re brave enough to browse there, you’ll see a link called Galleria. You’ll find my photos there. If you’re even braver, check my blog. It has more photos.

I want to be your slave. Can I?
Sure, you can book a session in advance. E-mail me for fees and other details. Remember to descibe what kind of sessions you enjoy and/or DON’T enjoy. ”I’ll do anything, Mistress” won’t do it. You’re going to have to do better than that. No online sessions, only live!

I want sex with you.
Great. I can fuck your ass, I love to bang some ass with my strap-on! But don’t expect that you can fiddle my mouth, vagina or ass with your hands, feet, penis, tongue, prothesis or any other object or part of your body. Won’t happen.

Where do you do sessions?

In Tampere, Finland at my own SM-studio. You can inquire about your preferred day by email or by phone.

Do you ever travel in France/Italy/Turkey/Whateverland?
I don’t travel to meet you. You need to travel to meet me.

What are you specialized in?
– I love fetishes. Feet, toes, shoes, boots, corsets, leather, pvc…
– I enjoy whipping, spanking and caning.
– I can’t live without my ropes, I love to tie my slaves up.
– Golden showers are great.
– Spitting is so much fun!
– I really like to trample slaves and crush stuff.
– Abusing and blackmailing gives me a big smile on my face.
– Tease and denial is something I enjoy!
– I love roleplay and training.
… but these are only a few examples. I’m not limited to them.

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